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Working Results

Field Trial

New Farm, Norton, Nr Evesham, Worcs on the 30th November 2012

We had 12 dogs on the running order: 2 Fields, 2 Sussex Spaniels, 1 WSS and 7 Clumber Spaniels. The Trial was held at New Farm, Norton, Worcs. A big thank you to the Land Owners Norman and Sandra Onens, who took us around the ground to make sure everyone had the best experience and time whilst competing. There was more than enough game for the dogs to find and the guns to shoot ( the guns really enjoyed themselves). A great day was had by all

Results: 1 Venaticus Henrietta (Clumber) Mr James Darley 2 Sedgehurst Kenver ( Clumber) Mr Chris Raper 3 Jubilwell Pheonix ( Sussex) Mr Bill Cadwell 4 Venaticus Hercules(Clumber) CM Stedigan One in Ten (WSS)

Congratulations to all the winners Also a big thank you to all competitors, without you all, the FSS wouldn't be able to run this event. Personally and on behalf of the FSS I also want to say a huge thank you to the helpers on the day.

Keep the 29th November 2013 free in your Diary for next years Field Trial at the same venue. - Elspeth

Field Spaniel Society - Open Working Test

The Merivale Estate, Atherstone on the 22nd May 2011

Firstly I would like to give a Big Thank You to our judges on the day, Mr Steve Russell (panel judge)

and Mr Luke Russell

Also a Big Thank You to all the FSS members who turned up and helped out.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their day, thankfully it wasn't too hot but it was very windy around by the cars.

In places the cover was getting a little a tall, so it did mean some re organising of the ground.


Puppy (2)

Sonnetend Double Duchess (Field Spaniel) Owned by Mr & Mrs Stone Handled by Martin Stone

Bodlon Star Attraction (Welsh Springer Spaniel) Owned by Mr & Mrs Dixon Handled by Ian Dixon

Places were witheld in the puppy class

Novice(8) (1 absent)

1st: Stedigan Just Be Good (WSS) Owned by Mr & Mrs Steadman Handled by Paul Steadman

2nd: Stedigan One in Ten (WSS) Owned by Mr & Mrs Steadman Handled by Paul Steadman

No other places given.

Open(12) (2 absent)

1st: Atlas Jack the Lad at Stedigan (WSS) Owned by Mr & Mrs Steadman Handled by Paul Steadman

2nd: Mesntonia Misty Dreams (WSS) Owned by Mr & Mrs Shawyer Handled by Julie Shawyer

3rd: Clumbadane Sirus (Clumber Spaniel) Owned by Mr & Mrs Rudbach Handled by Jon Rudbach

4th: Royal Russet of Mervalyn (Clumber Spaniel) Owned by Miss V Maskell Handled by Val Maskell

COM: Tinglestone Sparkler (Clumber Spaniel) Owned by Mrs T Gray Handled by Mark Gray

Best in Test, Best Hunter, Best Welsh Springer Spaniel and Best Novice:

Stedigan Just be Good ... What a clever girl at just 2yrs old.

Best Field Spaniel:

Vraibleu Daisy Cutter (owned by Mr & Mrs Hazell)

Best Clumber Spaniel:

Clumbadane Sirus (owned by Mr & Mrs Rudbach)

Best Sussex Spaniel:

Jubilwell Miranda (owned by Miss J Lewis)

Best Puppy:

Bodlon Star Attraction (owned by Mr & Mrs Dixon)

Best Open Dog:

Atlas Jack the Lad At Stedigan (owned by Mr & Mrs Steadman)

I think it goes without saying that Mr Paul Steadman had a FABULOUS DAY.

Elspeth - Working Officer


The Field Spaniel Society - Open Stake Field Trial

As you know the Open Stake was held on the Wednesday 12th January at Woodhall Farm.

The weather was mixed but thankfully dry most of the time. I would again like to thank the judges:

Mr Elvin Thomas (A Panel 2184) and Mrs Di Arrowsmith.

Also a big Thankyou too everyone who helped on the day ... you know who you are.

Thanks to Philip Perry for the land and to Steve our Gamekeeper for the day.

Thanks also to the Guns, who at times were very understanding. The bacon sandwiches which Di Hammond picked up from the pub before the start of the F/T were enjoyed by everyone. - Elspeth (Sub Committee)

The results are as follows:

First place was withheld.

Second was Isfryn Ghost Swift - Bred, handled and owned by Miss Tina Smith

No other places were awarded.

Best Clumber Spaniel was Tinglestone Sparkler - handled by Mark Gray, owned by Mrs T Gray. Breeder HRH The Princess Royal

The Beaumont Challenge Cup .. For the Field that has not won a prize at the F/T before was .. Thandiwe Druid - handled and owned by Miss Judith Harris. Bred by Mrs D Channon

The Gunmakers Cup for the Best Field Spaniel competing at the F/T and The Packwood Challenge Cup for Best Field bred by the owner went to Vraibleu Daisy Cutter ownedand bred by Mr and Mrs Hazell, handled by Mrs Elspeth Hazell.

The Gunmakers Shield .. The guns choice was awarded to Isfryn Ghost Swift.

The Field Spaniel Society Open Working Test for Minor Breeds - Sunday 2nd May 2010

Firstly I need to say that we had a fantastic entry and I just want to thank everyone who entered, they all turned up and some had come afar afield as Cornwall. I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves, it was cold but at least the rain held off.

A big thank you to both of my judges, who did a grand job with all those dogs under them (37 runners)

I would also like to thank all my helpers, some off the committee (one young man who with a bit more practice could have a future as dummy thrower), but mostly other competitors who helped out dummy throwing and stewarding. A special thank you to Carol Page for her help and guidance. Also thanks must go to Shula Shipton for printing the running card's. - Elspeth (Working Secretary)

Some results:

Best in Puppy: The Sussex Spaniel Jubilwell Miranda owned and handled by Julia Lewis.

2nd WSS One in Ten Owned, bred and handled by Paul Steadman

3rd WSS Glenbrows Paper Dawn at Graygees Owned and handled by Georgina Brown

4th WSS Just be Good Owned, bred and handled by Paul Steaman

VHC Sussex Jubilwell Beast of Bodmin Owned and handled by Sally Vowles

Best in Junior: WSS Hillpark Sunset Gold over Blythway Owned and handled by Fiona Stevenson

2nd WSS Sycharth Hob Y Derri Dando Owned, bred and handled by Mary Evans

3rd Clumber Spaniel Clumbadane Sirus Owned, bred and handled by Jon Rudbach

4th WSS Isfryn Park End JW Owned, bred and handled by Tina Smith

Best Open: Field Spaniel Vrailbleu Daisy Cutter owned, bred, and handled by Elspeth Hazell

2nd WSS Fiergen Silver Spirit Owned and handled by Paul Shawyer

3rd Sussex Jubilwell Betty Stoggs at Rythebrook Owned and handled by Jill Sillence

4th WSS Mesntonia Misty Dreams Owned and handled by Julie Shawyer

VHC WSS Highclare Fully Charged at Isfryn Owned and handled by Tina Smith

Best in Test, Best Hunter and Best Field ... Vrailbleu Daisy Cutter.

Comments from one of the Judges on the day - Chris Page

Thanks to the FSS for asking me to judge their Working Test. It was very well run with a super atmosphere. 37 entries makes for a very full days judging. Super grounds making the handlers and dogs work for the awards.

The dogs gave quite a good account of themselves despite their handlers! my criticism if any, was that the handlers were letting the dogs down by a series of basic errors, this then caused the dogs to go wrong and consequently put the handlers under more pressure. The dogs even found pheasant and rabbit (so we wouldn't have gone hungry) but if the basic handling is sharpened up we'll do even better.

The dogs in the awards were in the main handled better and thus gave a better account of themselves, the handlers allowed their dogs to hunt with a certain amount of freedom and these dogs impressed both Stan and I the most. As Stan and I had agreed that the majority of the marks should be for hunting, we marked out of 60 points for both Puppy and Novice tests and 75 for the Open and so those who allowed their dogs this freedom obviously gained the marks. Retrieving in the main was O.K however one or two dogs were a little reluctant to retrieve cleanly and this lead to the handlers lunging at the dogs to receive the retrieve, this lost marks.

There is a bright future for the new crop of puppies coming through which has to be good for the future, the scores were very close 1st to 4th only separated by 5 or 6 points which shows how tight the competition is in that test. The novice test was a little more open as regards the points, we had decided to mark the novice hard, as a win in this class qualifies the dog to the open, we had also decided, if necessary to withhold first place. This thankfully did not happen as the winner was worthy of the win.

The open test was run in the afternoon on ground which had game and thus good scent, the dogs performed well but one or two stood out as seasoned campaigners, there experience gave them the edge and the points. The standard was good and by that time in the proceedings the handling had improved, probably due to handlers being more confident in the dogs ability.

All in all a super day for which I thank all of the entrants for there support not only for the FSS, but for there support of Stan Pearson and Myself, without entries there is no test.


klemess Clumbers) for all their hard work.

On Saturday 31/03/2012 the FSS held a training day in Hereford/Worcester border, with kind permission of Mr David Coade and Mr Larry Wilkes.

The trainers were Mr Ron Edwards and Mr Peter Long. Both very experienced gundog trainers with an understanding of Minor Breeds and their handlers!

In total, on the day we had 14 dogs and most of them were Fields.

In the morning, the trainers (I took the puppy class) split the group up by ability and age and all the groups started with some basic obedience and retrieving. Some of the older dogs did a little hunting up.

The weather was kind in the morning, with a light shower over the lunch break, then it cleared up ready for the afternoon session.

In the afternoon, some of dogs started with a little more hunting up and then it was onto the water, which is always exciting as you never know what they will do! Some of the older and a lot more experienced dogs did make retrieves across the lake and out into the lake and I have to say it is a big lake.

A group then went into the woodland to brush up on their hunting skills, this was especially helpful for the handlers and dogs who have never done any work with their dogs either in The Field or at a Working Test.

The day ended with the raffle draw and thanks, and a few kind words from the trainers.

To add a personal note, I would like to thank the trainers for all their help and advice, the landowners and our very own Di Hammond for the finding the land (poor Di couldn't stop and help due to a leg and back injury).

To all the handlers for bringing their dogs without whom we wouldn't have had a training day.

Thank you also for the raffle prize donations (who know who you are).

I hope to see everyone again next time.

Good Luck with your training


March 2012 Training Day Report

The Working Secretary’s Report  (extracted from the FSS Year Book)

The Field Spaniel Society once again held a successful FSS All Aged AV Spaniel Stake at:   Norton Evesham with kind permission from the land owners, Norman and Sandra Onens. This year Norman had to step in and be my 4th gun so we could even the line up (two guns for each judge).

Our judges on the day were : Mr Ben Randell A panel & Mr Alex Badger B panel.

Our chief steward was Andy Robbins who kept us all in order thank you.  Our guns were Andy Gudger and he brought with him Emma and Dick.  Emma (who is very experienced on shooting clays) shoot her first birds on the day.  It was a good clear day the rain kept off (always a bonus) and the birds were plentiful.

I would also like to thank all my helpers from the FSS, Lin and her red flag, Gretel and Janet in the kitchen, (it was so nice to come back to the table laid out), Martin who helped in keeping everyone together, at times it felt like I was herding cats Smiling face with smiling eyes. Also a great big Thank you to EVERYONE who entered just a pity there were no Fields entered this year.

Now to the results:

1st and The Guns Choice, also best Clumber - Ickyticker Hamish Clumber: Owned and Handled by Mark Rydzewski.  This was Mark's third working event. He was a more than worthy winner, he and the dog worked well together as a team.

2nd Venaticus Hercules - Owned and handled by James Darley

3&4 were withheld - However the judges did award 2 Certificate of Merits to: Sedgehurst Kenver - Owned and handled by Chris Raper    &

Venaticus Henrietta - Owned and handled by James Darley.

Finally I would just like to say Thank You to everyone who had supported me over the years in my role as Working Secretary for the FSS and to all the good friends I have met. I wish the FSS every success in the future and to the new Working Secretary when one is chosen.

Field Spaniel Field Trial 2013