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Heart Testing

Testing for Heart Problems - how and why it is done:-


To identify dogs free from any cardiac abnormality.

To ascertain the prevalence of heart murmurs, abnormal rhythms or specific heart defects in Field Spaniels.

To confirm the cause of heart murmurs or abnormal rhythms by further investigation of affected animals

To collate data for investigation of a possible genetic basis to a specific heart problem in a given breed by a breed club nominated person, geneticist or veterinary surgeon

To advise the owner, breeder and dog's veterinary surgeon when an abnormality has been identified and recommendations about any further investigation, if indicated

The Auscultation (examination with a stethoscope) method of heart testing. This is an essential part of examining the animals' heart and circulation. Any heart murmurs are identified, timed, localised and graded (grade 0 - 6).

David Fisher is a specialist in this area and has examined many Field Spaniels, he came and did a Heart Testing Day at our Society Show some years ago - it was felt that after talking to him, this was not an issue within the breed, but one that needs monitoring to ensure that it does not cause health issues within the breed.  David Fisher has also kindly given a very informative talk on the subject and was quite clear that to maintain a healthy breed we need to monitor and make sure we only breed with healthy dogs - we as a Society would hope that this is the case for all breeding dogs and bitches that only the healthiest are bred from as this is the only way to maintain a healthy Field Spaniel for future generations.  

Health Schemes

Results of Latest Heart Testing 19/6/2016