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Show Calendar 2020

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Show Calendar 2020






Mrs P Butler-Holley

19th January

36 Dogs, 37 Entries


Mr DA Bennett

6th March

61 Dogs, 74 Entries

WELKS Cancelled

Miss Becky A Johnson

25th April

Birmingham National


Mrs AJ Graham

(1st time giving CC's)

7th May

Bath Cancelled

Mrs JM Miller

25th May

Three Counties Cancelled

Mr RL Mosedale

7th June

Windsor Cancelled

Miss B Dummett

(1st time giving CC's)

3rd July

East of England


Mr GR Haran

(1st time giving CC's)

10th July

F.S.S. Ch.Show Cancelled

Mrs J Bennett

19th July

Leeds Cancelled

Mr DW Shields

(1st time giving CC's)

24th July

National Gundog Cancelled

Miss SJ Tye

2nd August

WKC Cancelled

Mrs KM Gorman

23rd August

Birmingham City Cancelled

Mrs E Thomas

6th September

Richmond Cancelled

Ms G Osborn

13th September

Darlington Cancelled

Mr H Taylor

18th September

Blackpool Cancelled

Mr T Graham

26th September

Midland Counties Cancelled

Miss KJ Sutton

24th October

SKC Cancelled

Mr GR Haran

29th November

LKA Cancelled

Mr MJ Howes

13th December

F.S.S. Open Show

changed date & Venue

Mr M Stone

28th February 2021