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Judges Lists for Secretaries

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Updated March 2024

Judges Application Form

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As a Society we are proud of our Judges Lists and the fact that the people on the lists are genuinely interested in the breed. We ask where possible Societies to always choose Judges from these lists.

We have therefore put together comprehensive downloadable Judges Lists that Society Secretaries are able to download and thus make it easier to choose a suitable Judge for Field Spaniel Classes

Judges, please submit forms where possible by e-mail to the Secretary and we will do our best to process your applications quickly and update the lists accordingly.

When calculating number of Field Spaniels judged, only Fields in breed classes can be counted, you are also allowed by the KC to include the 5 dogs used for judging assessments at our Field Spaniel Society Seminars if you have participated in those.

Judges Forms & Judges Lists

Judges Education Program

Judges Competency Framework, further details have now been issued the Kennel Club which outline future judge requirements and eligibility.

Judges may be appointed by societies based on either the current judge regulations or the new system until the end of the transition period in five years’ time, i.e. judges must either be on the breed club required list and/or at the required JCF Level.

From 1 January 2021, no one can judge unless they meet the new Level 1 requirements

(Existing CC Judges are exempt from having to meet the JEP Level 1 requirements).

Otherwise, judges can accept appointments either in accordance with current Kennel Club regulations

(i.e. completely outside the requirements of the JCF) or with the Judges Competency Framework requirements (see below). In both cases, an exception can be made where a valid contract is in place prior to the date of this announcement (24 February 2020).

Level 1 (which applies to JCF and other judges not following the JCF system) and Levels 2 to 4 (which apply to JCF candidates only) are as follows:


     Requirements to meet this Level                                           Eligibility to judge


      and pass associated exam(either in person or online

via Kennel Club Academy)

Club Accredited Trainer

       Club Accredited Trainer




 First breed:

      Multiple Choice Examination (MCE) for the respective



Subsequent breeds:


of 12 months between first and third session

      entry show or championship show without CCs

      the stated requirements for the relevant Stud Book Band

      (one-time qualification)

The following types of event may be used to claim hands-on experience numbers:

Dogs judged at the following types of event may not be included in a judge’s hands-on experience:



breed run by the Kennel Club  



Current judging lists will be valid until the end of the five-year transition period. Breed clubs/councils should continue to maintain their judging lists during this period.

Allowing for the fact that many contracts will already have been issued, the Kennel Club advises societies to use the following wording for shows held from 1 Jan 2021: “In accepting this appointment I confirm that I comply with the requirements of the Judges Competency Framework or Kennel Club Regulation F20b”.

Any contracts in place prior to 24 February 2020 will remain valid.

Please note that further press releases will be issued containing more details of the new judge education and approval system.

¹ A judge must meet the revised Level 1 requirements in order to be eligible to take multiple-choice exams at Breed Appreciation Days. Any MCEs already taken and passed will still be valid.

 Level 1

Level 2

at Limited Shows


Level 3 

 Level 4 CC Judge